Spaix Quick & Easy DEMO

Spaix Quick & Easy DEMO 4.0

Implement a complete pump configuration and quotation system
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Spaix Quick&Easy is a powerful software at a reasonable price within the product family for pump selection. The product was especially developed for small and medium-sized companies looking for a solution to manage their performance curves and the pump selection without having to implement a complete pump configuration and quotation system.
As the product name already implies, the new software can be characterized as user-friendly and easy to handle. Reliable pump selection is possible with minimal effort. While the software includes all functions for the pump selection and the work with performance curves, the pump configuration and proposal management was intentionally left out. Altogether, this product sets news standards regarding the total costs for the user. The low initial costs as well as the minimized effort for the data management show that the focus lies on a target group with a restricted budget, looking for an effective product.

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